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From the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s, there was little change in the apparel manufacturing process. Martin Wicksman’s grandfather and father were accomplished pattern makers and exceptional tailors. Both produced all of their patterns by hand, cut their fabrics using heavy shears and sewed their garments using treadle machines.

Martin began to learn his technical skills as an apprentice in his father’s factory. The family moved to America in December 1959 and Martin was immediately hired as a pattern maker by a large garment manufacturer. He discovered that there was a huge demand for his skills so in 1965 he formed his own company, the ‘Martin Wicksman Pattern Service’.

When Martin started his company in Los Angeles, the apparel service industry was on the verge of significant change. Elaborate power sewing applications were being developed and progressive apparel companies were looking towards computer aided design and manufacturing.

In 1968, confident of his technical skills, and eager to utilize the latest technology, Martin made the switch to computers using IBM’s Computerized Grading System. Unfortunately, the system was unable to perform to Martin’s high standards and he reluctantly made the switch back to manual grading.

In 1981 Martin again converted his service company to the computer, this time successfully with the Camsco Markamatic System, later known as Gerber-Camsco and now as Gerber Garment Technology (GGT). He has continued to upgrade his systems with the latest Gerber products available and is currently using The Gerber Accumark System.

As we approach the 21st Century, the changes in the apparel service industry occur as fast as that of any other technological industry. However, in order to truly understand and master the computerized apparel service field, a company must also have employees with the technical skills and knowledge of pattern drafting and manual grading. The employees of this company have those skills.


Martin is a third generation Pattern Maker with over forty years experience in the industry. He was trained in England and learned the master skills and techniques passed down from his father and grandfather. He attended a Technical College in London and worked in the apparel industry in England before immigrating to America.

In addition to being an industry leader, Martin teaches pattern making and grading at various trade colleges and universities. He also serves on the advisory board of Cal-Poly’s Apparel Technology Department. He is an active board member of a leading Homeless Rehabilitation group. His hobbies are Photography and Fishing.


The youngest of Martin’s three sons, Joel started to learn pattern making with his grandfather at the early age of fourteen. After college and some work experience in Europe, Joel joined the business in 1990.

Joel currently manages the Computer Grading & Marking departments. He has excellent computer skills and attends regular Gerber seminars to keep abreast of advances in the computer apparel services industry.

Under the guidance of his father, Joel is continuing to develop his own skills and techniques in pattern making.


All of our employees have been carefully selected and personally trained by Martin to ensure you the highest level of efficiency and customer service.

We maintain a happy, team-player environment, and we are proud of the fact that most of our employees have been with us for many, many years.

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