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A marker is a schematic of the graded pattern pieces, and serves as a cutting guide to optimize the usage of your fabric.

 We have an experienced staff and state-of-the-art computer equipment to meet your marking requirements. Our marker makers seek the most economical layout of your pattern pieces on your fabric to minimize waste and save you money.

We have experience in handling a multitude of fabrics, including plaids, stripes, knits, lycras, etc.. We can also set up for buffering, block fusing or die-cutting.

We can produce single size markers, combinations, or ratio-sized markers according to your needs. We work closely with your cutting service to alleviate any cutting or production problems.

Unlike many other companies, our markers show complete annotation, including style number, size, bundle codes, piece descriptions and spreading instructions.

On every order, we also generate a ‘mini-marker’ and a ‘bible sheet’. Upon request, the mini markers can be faxed to you for your approval before we draw the full-size markers. The bible sheet will tell you the exact usage of fabric per garment which helps you keep aware of your production costs.

Our computer plotters run 24 hours to ensure you the fastest possible service.


Your data will be stored in our system for re-orders or in case you lose your original marker. Accounts that are inactive for six months will be purged from our system.

Patterns Grading Marking
Patterns Grading Markers
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Company Profile

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